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Why CambriLearn
What homeschooling is
How CambriLearn supports the homeschooling methodology

Homeschooling, also known as home education, is the education of students at home or various other places by a parent, facilitator, tutor or online teacher. CambriLearn offers support for homeschooling by providing a platform for learning complete with teacher support, live lessons and up-to-date content. Homeschooling is considered as an alternative education to traditional public or private schools and is currently on the rise globally. Parents can choose to enrol students into learning centres where they have access to tutors or teachers to assist with learning. CambriLearn is not only ideal for home learning, but it also partners with learning centres globally to ensure education standards remain high and the easy-to-use platform can be integrated into the daily lives of students with ease. 

There are many motivations for parents wanting to homeschool their children – typically this is due to dissatisfaction with traditional schooling systems as well as an increased interest in getting more involved with the student’s education. The above can also be a result of bullying, standards of local curriculum, racism, lack of faith-led teaching, or not being able to cater for students with special needs. CambriLearn offers a self-paced, academic programme that can be tailor-made to the student’s needs. Lessons are interactive and teachers provide support daily through online web chat and group sessions. 

Homeschooling can include different methods of learning such as online learning, outdoor lessons, self-directed learning, following specific curriculums or complete unschooling. These methods should be researched according to geographic location as there are specific requirements that can affect entry into tertiary education institutions. Homeschooling is not legal in every country and should be thoroughly investigated before embarking on the journey. CambriLearn Education Consultants offer support to homeschooling families globally and are up-to-date with regulations. 

CambriLearn is a great option for children wishing to be homeschooled. Whether the child will be studying at home with the support of a parent, or at a study centre with the support of a tutor, CambriLearn offers an internationally recognised curriculum delivered via an effective combination of interactive, multi-sensory learning content and full-time passionate teachers. It provides the perfect blend of personalised learning tools all delivered via a world-class technology platform.