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Why CambriLearn
The benefits of the British International Curriculum
A world-renowned certification recognised in over 160 countries

  • The world’s most widely recognised system of learning and assessment that boasts over 160 years of expertise.
  • A highly regarded and accredited primary and secondary school programme that allows seamless integration with national curricula worldwide.
  • A passport to international tertiary education, accepted for college/university admission in over 160 countries.
  • Open to students to tailor their subject choices according to the various nations’ requirements for a school-leaving certification.
  • Designed to encompass global concepts, being fully international and independent of traditional educational philosophy.
  • An opportunity to personalise the individual’s learning programme according to their strengths, interests and cultural preferences.
  • Unrivalled in its flexibility with respect to the timing of the end-of-programme assessments, with the individual student deciding when to sit final exams.
  • A competency-based approach to education, without age restrictions (although there are recommended ages at which different levels should be undertaken).
  • Ideal preparation for both tertiary studies and for the world of work, rigorously emphasising higher-order thinking skills that are transferable in the future.
  • Unlimited by any academic calendar boundaries, permitting start-up all year round and at your own pace.

It is interesting to note that the Cambridge International Curriculum loses many of its benefits when offered by a traditional school, where the flexibility of the programme is generally limited by the rules governing educational institutions in their individual countries.



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