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Why CambriLearn
Our Student Success Stories
CambriLearn's students are already making their mark in the world and we couldn't be prouder.

Bright Future Ahead

“CambriLearn has opened up the world and new opportunities for me. I am now studying financial engineering at IDC in Israel and interning for a New York hedge fund” -Dean Meyer


Ready to take on the Fashion World

“I’m currently studying at the London School of Fashion, thanks to CambriLearn. Online homeschooling helped me pursue my dream career.” -Nelson Choga


One of our top students: Johané Cockrell 

Johané recently got 96% on her IGCSE Accounting and Mathematics IGCSE AS Levels! Read her story below: 

"CambriLearn has only been one chapter of my school career. I was homeschooled up to 2nd grade due to the lack of other options in the area. After a lot of begging, my parents agreed to send me to public school. Since then, we've moved twice and I've been in three different public schools. Public school was never the heaps of fun I expected from being surrounded by people my age, I felt boxed in by a curriculum that didn't allow any independence. The teachers saw me as an annoyance for asking too many questions. The accompanying peer pressure did not help my mental health either. I decided to look into homeschooling again because it was the last place I felt excited about school. When I found CambriLearn, there was no doubt that this was what I wanted to do. It was a little bit of an adjustment because I'm Afrikaans and I'd only done English as a first additional language but it didn't slow me down at all! I quickly adapted to learning in English and I soon realised my love for numbers would be ideal for a career in the accounting field. I knew that my qualifications from their courses would be internationally recognised which was the main reason for my decision. CambriLearn was the option that would help me achieve my dreams. Two years later and I couldn't be happier with my decision. I'm hoping to start my next level of education and study Chartered Accounting through IBTC next year (ACCA registered)."

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