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CambriLearn is aligned to the Cambridge and other British International curricula. Our staff are experts in the teaching, content development and assessment of these globally recognised curricula. CambriLearn is an ideal learning platform to prepare students for their final exams. We have attained unrivalled academic results and have students that are top achievers in their countries.


CambriLearn is ideal for:

  1. Students looking to apply to international tertiary institutions

  • The British International Curriculum is recognised as the gold standard in primary and secondary schooling and is the most widely recognised curriculum by top universities and colleges across the globe. CambriLean assists in achieving acceptance into these top tertiary institutions, and research shows that students with a foundation in British international education are better prepared for university.

  1. Academically high-achieving students

  • CambriLearn provides students with an appropriate academic challenge, personalised to each student. We strive to teach the art of problem-solving, creating students who can think independently and apply their skills to any situation and perform at their best. 

  1. Home-educated students

  • CambriLearn is a world-class online learning platform which provides a full solution to home-educated students. Learning is self-paced and facilitated by intimate, live, online access to our professionally-trained teachers and dynamic academic content. All of this makes for a supportive study environment. In addition, marked assessments, mock-exams and direct feedback from our teachers ensure the student is primed to achieve academic success.

  1. Travelling students

  • The modern student often finds themselves travelling across the globe due to sports, cultural or other amateur or professional commitments. CambriLearn is a powerful learning tool for such students, allowing them to take their schooling with them across the globe. Cambridge International is examined in over 160 countries worldwide, and the accessibility of this, along with student support provided through CambriLearn, ensures students get to complete school with a flexibility that suits their lifestyles.

  1. Traditional international school students

  • CambriLearn is also the perfect supplementary tool for students who attend British International schools across the globe. With direct access to our multi-sensory content, professional teachers, live lessons, Q&A sessions, marked assignments and mock exams,  CambriLearn acts as the perfect personalised learning tool for those seeking success.


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