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Why CambriLearn
How CambriLearn works
The learning journey

CambriLearn’s online learning platform is designed to help you structure and streamline your studies. We provide learners with access to recommended study timelines, tailor-made content, professional online teachers, as well as detailed feedback on marked assignments and mock exams.   

Recommended study timelines:

  • Each course has a Course Outline which provides a recommended weekly breakdown of the work you need to do and the assignments due for submission.
  • Each course takes into account the necessary revision time you would need in order to adequately prepare for the exams. 
  • Students can start their course at any time in the year and work at a pace which suits them. 

Tailor-made content:

  • Our interactive, multi-sensory courses are tailored by our subject specialists to be used in conjunction with the prescribed textbooks. 
  • Our courses provide supplementary study material (e.g. exercises, worksheets, past paper practice). 
  • Our live lessons library allows you to watch videos of past live lessons on topics which are of particular interest to you, and at a time convenient to you. 

Professional online teachers:

  • CambriLearn teachers deliver weekly live lessons which you can follow no matter where you are in the course (for both Standard & Premium subscribers). 
  • Our teachers are available online during business hours to answer any queries you may have or to deliver face-to-face Question & Answer sessions (Premium subscribers only). The Q&A sessions also give you a chance to meet other students in your class and to gain an insight into the types of queries they may have. 

Feedback on marked assignments and mock exams:

  • Assignments are marked within 7 working days of submission. 
  • Our specialist subject teachers ensure thorough feedback is given in their comments with the aim of helping you to improve as you work through the course. 
  • For the higher levels (IG, AS & A Level exams), you have the opportunity to write a mock exam with us before writing the actual exam with Cambridge. This means that you will know what to expect and be more thoroughly prepared for the exams.  


  • For Primary and Foundation levels, students complete a final exam (facilitated by their parent or tutor) to determine whether they are ready to move on to the next level of study. This exam is submitted to the relevant CambriLearn teacher, who provides detailed and personalised feedback on the final results.
  • For International GCSE, AS Level and A Level, exams are written at Cambridge Accredited Testing Centres (located in over 160 countries), and marked and certified by Cambridge International Education.


How to maximise your online learning experience:

Premium Package students – Our studies show that students who participate regularly and consistently in the Q&As, ask questions on the web chat system and attend live lessons, are generally more successful than those who do not.

For Standard Package students – Taking the time to read through the detailed and thorough marking comments given in your assignments, is one of the best ways to ensure your marks improve. 


CambriLearn really is a convenient and easy-to-use learning platform which allows you to take control of and customise your studies. It offers all the learning tools required to achieve great academic results!


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