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Learning to Read

Our Learning to Read course is a phonics course that has been prepared by a primary English expert in order to offer a fun introduction to listening, speaking and reading English. This course prepares students for the primary courses by improving English literacy where needed.


CambriLearn offers the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science aligned to the British curriculum from Primary Stage 1 through to Primary Stage 6. Aspects of many other subjects (for example History and Geography) are touched on but it is up to the parent/guardian to supplement the curriculum as they see fit. 

Primary courses end with a progression test which is written at any time of the year, when the student is ready to write. This progression test is invigilated by the parent/guardian or tutor centre and marked by our teachers who provide personalised feedback to help guide future decisions.

You can find more information about the British curriculum primary courses here.

Foundation 1 and Foundation 2

Our two foundation years begin the high school journey and cover Stages 7, 8 and 9. At this level, CambriLearn offers courses aligned with the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science

As language options, our subject-expert teachers have created age-appropriate courses for Afrikaans and French to prepare students for second languages at higher levels. At Foundation 2, students have the option of a unique CambriLearn EMS (Economic and Management Science) course which introduces the International GCSE commerce subjects. 

Foundation courses end with an exam which is written at any time of the year, when the student is ready to write. This exam is invigilated by the parent/guardian or tutor centre and marked by our CambriLearn teachers. Our specialised Education Consultants use exam results from Foundation 2 to help guide subject choice decisions for International GCSE.

You can find more information about the British lower secondary curriculum here.

International GCSE

International GCSE is an internationally recognised examination, with exams written at certified exam centres across the globe. CambriLearn offers courses for the following subjects:

Accounting (0452)

English First Language (0500)

Biology (0610)

French (0520)

Business Studies (0450)

History (0470)

Chemistry (0620)

Mathematics (0580)

Economics (0455)

Physics (0625)

Students usually write International GCSE at age 16. The CambriLearn courses are built to cover 34 weeks, however, as students are able to cover the work in their own time, they have the opportunity to work faster or slower depending on their prior knowledge and experience. This is where the flexibility of online learning really becomes advantageous. It is important that students take the time to thoroughly understand work covered at the International GCSE level, so that they can properly build a solid basis for AS/A Level subjects.

The CambriLearn courses for English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics have all been designed to cover the extended version of these syllabi. This gives students a far better preparation for AS Level, and other further studies. The science courses are all designed to teach the alternative to practical examination paper option so they can be done by any student, anywhere in the world.

For more information about International GCSE, please click here.

AS and A Level

A Level is a two-year course with internationally recognised examinations usually written at age 18. These two years are split between two courses at CambriLearn: the first year is covered in the AS Level courses and the second year is covered in the A Level courses. This enables students to choose to write only the AS Level examinations, or to proceed to the full A Level course over two years.

AS Level

At the end of the first year of A Level, students have the option of writing AS Level exams. These AS Levels are internationally recognised examinations written at certified exam centres across the world. 

CambriLearn offers courses for the following subjects at AS Level:

Accounting (9706)

Economics (9708)

Afrikaans (8679)

English Language (9093)

Biology (9700)

History (9389)

Business (9609)

Mathematics (9709)

Chemistry (9701)

Physics (9702)

Our specialist Afrikaans team release a new course each year for AS Afrikaans as the topics under examination are changed annually. CambriLearn offers two options for AS History: European History and International Relations. 

Mathematics is studied through separate courses for Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics. Please consult a CambriLearn Education Consultant to ensure that you have selected an appropriate course combination for Mathematics. 

Biology, Chemistry and Physics each include a practical examination at AS Level. Our subject-specialists have designed online courses for these subjects which all touch on the theory-based aspects of this practical examination. Our dedicated client support team have developed a network of recommended venues for students to attend practical workshops and get laboratory experience before their final exam.

A Level

Students proceeding to the full A Level can write their AS Level exams in one year and then the A Level exams the following year, or they can write all the exams in their second year of study. The CambriLearn A Level courses cover the second year of the A Level subjects.

CambriLearn currently offers courses for English Language (9093), History (9389) and Mathematics (9709). The History options offered at this level are the Holocaust and The Dictators. Biology (9700), Chemistry (9701) and Physics (9702) courses will be coming in 2020. 

For more information about AS and A Level subjects and examinations, please click here.


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