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About this position


  • Implement the best way to utilize our raw data to inform business decisions in line with the company goals

  • Assist the different functions of the business in producing reports and creating dashboards by collaborating with management to understand the company objectives

  • Modeling systems architecture to meet business objectives

  • Ensuring data is calculated correctly to help improve business decisions, make suggestions from data insight and implement solutions to product, sales and marketing data

  • Predict business trends and present technical reports based on the collection, analysis and interpretation of data

  • Develop algorithms to transform data into useful and actionable information

  • Perform analysis to assess quality and meaning of data and improve data definitions

  • Query databases and create databases without software intervention

  • Update and pull data - this includes fixing data integrity issues, cleaning data, improving quality and creating accurate data

  • Build, test and maintain database pipeline architectures

  • Understanding on a statistical level the key features that need to be analyzed and reviewed

  • Ensuring compliance with data governance and security policies

  • Ensure data integrity across business and put mechanisms in place for high quality



A successful candidate will possess the following skills and knowledge

  • Technical skills: Proficient in SQL and other programming languages (Oracle, R, MATLAB, and Python); technical proficiency regarding database design development, data models, techniques for data mining and segmentations

  • Communication skills: Ensure the right questions are being asked about the data that is being interpreted, and be adept at presenting findings in a way that allows other team members to absorb and implement solutions

  • Attention to detail skills: Examine small details leading to bigger solutions, including granular interpretation of outcomes and using results to hypothesize on future trends and outcomes

  • Understanding of how data integrations and data structures work

  • Competent in handling reporting packages

  • Deep expertise in data munging, data visualization, exploratory data analysis and statistics

  • Proficiency in statistics and statistical packages used for data set analyzing

  •  Adept at using data processing platforms

  • Knowledge of data visualization software



  • Education: Relevant Computer Science/ Data Engineering degree

  • Experience: At least 5 years in a similar role analyzing data across multiple CMS platforms


5 years

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