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Mandela Day 2021: One Hand Can Feed Another…

Posted on July 19, 2021 by Nadia Pisanti


CambriLearn was proud to be a part of embodying and demonstrating this year’s Mandela Day theme, ‘One hand can feed another.’


Last week, Shanelle Da Costa from HeartGuardian, sent out a call to the homeschool network, asking for help to send food parcels to the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) area. She had been in contact with families in the area, and the situation following the week’s unrest was distressing:


“I have been in contact with homeschooling families in and around Durban, Richards Bay, Ballito and [other parts of] KZN. The situation is dire as you all know. If you would like to assist with a pickup point in your area, please email me. Once we have enough, we will ship it off to two collecting points in Durban and KZN surroundings. The parcels will be dropped at a church run by a homeschooling family, as well as more homeschoolers in the surrounding areas, who will be distributing to the necessary areas. The electricity supply has been blown up. If you would like to contribute in some way, please let me know.”


CambriLearn answered the call, committing R20 000 towards helping Shanelle and her team to fly food parcels down to KZN. These funds would be used on Mandela Day itself, ensuring planes could be fueled and take the much-needed relief to homeschooling families in need.


Our CTO, Ryan Swartzberg says of the initiative:

“Collective efforts such as these remind us how invaluable community support is in the homeschooling space. Help and assistance extends beyond the screen, to the families and support base behind each one of our students. We are proud to see everyone come together to rebuild what was lost in the last week.”


Yesterday, our education consultant Hugo Mendes, received word (and photos) of the team preparing to leave for the coast:


“Good morning everyone, this morning I would like for everyone to please stand in prayer for our pilot Phillip flying out to Port Edward this morning.  And then to stand in prayer for our warriors collecting the food at the airport. It’s been a difficult morning, but we are working hard behind the scenes to get our flights out today. Our second plane is full as well. We are now filling the third one for Empangeni. Please keep donating!”


In spite of the remoteness associated with distance learning, this proves it can still be breached socially, even in a time of social distance. This team has exhibited how people are still able to reach one another and impact each other in a meaningful way, surpassing the traditional notion of community, which is so often reliant on proximity.


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