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Always Look on the Bright Side of Life How an Appreciation of the Bizarre, Quirky and Unusual influences On Your State of Mind Determines the Quality of Your Learning Experience...

Posted on May 8, 2020 by Brendon Page-Green

Technology has changed this industry. You will be practicing online studying and even with CambriLearn’s assistance, you will be on your own a lot.  Read on for tips on “How to make the most of it!”

So… here we are once again.

Could it be that you are following an obscure trail of Blog posts in this thread?

Or have you happened on this post purely by chance?

Well… take comfort, esteemed reader, that there is no such thing as “pure coincidence”.

Everything happens, will happen and has happened according to the “Divine Universal Plan”.

So, from that premise, let us continue for the moments that follow with an extension on the theme of this particular Blog. You were meant to read these words, (the deranged digitised ramblings of one who studied Science in another generation, before cell phones and internet!) just as I was meant to type them… (compelled, actually, but that as they say, is “a tale for another telling” J)


Congratulations on seizing the moment, “Carpe Diem”, or “Seize the Catfish” as we, of the lunatic fringe, prefer to mistranslate the Latin erudition. Those more biologically inclined will recognise the homonymic resonance between “Carp”, as in catfish and the Latin “CARPE” for “to seize”.

Many would underestimate the challenges involved in undertaking the practice of home schooling.

Apart from the research required to find a suitable online school, there are a number of other concerns to take into consideration.

Choosing the Cambridge Curriculum from amongst many other distance learning programs certainly distinguishes you. In my experience this Curriculum appeals to a very particular “type”.

The Cambridge Curriculum offers unsurpassed quality of support materials as well as excellent textbooks either published “in-house” by Cambridge University Press, or by recommendations from the University.

The time honoured and reputable institution definitely provides the best platform for honing your intellect and with developing your academic career. The international accreditation will also stand you in good stead since you can carry your achievements with pride into any University of your choice.

The way forward will, however, be difficult.

The demands you will experience are twofold:

  1. The Coursework Itself: They don’t really warn you of this, but the standard is particularly high. The level you will be training towards will set you comfortably among the top performers when you get to your 1st year at University… but that means you will really work extremely hard before then. Qualifying with an A-level in a subject is much more demanding than what would generally be expected at the usual School level.

So prepare yourself for an ongoing and relentless struggle. This is the “hard option” you have selected, expect to be confronted by your feelings of inadequacy as you proceed to attaining the knowledge required.

  1. Maintaining a healthy outlook on life and keeping your moral positive: This is where the purpose of this blog is intended to fit in.

By definition, your focus is going to be on achieving the highest IGCSE grades possible.

Then of course will come your A levels.

There are many advantages to having “School at Home”:

  • no random distractions,
  • no classroom politics,
  • no irritating personality clashes,
  • not having to conform to rules, norms and standards,
  • no uniforms, timetables, prefects acting like “little Hitler’s”,
  • saving time in travelling back and forth from school, and of course,
  • being able to work at your own pace and in the detail that suits you.


You are going to be working in relative isolation.

So, (if we say so ourselves) your choice of CambriLearn as your accredited online tutoring support,  would be a sensible one! We have a fantastic operations platform and offer outstanding student support for all facets of your course.

That being said, you are about to undertake an important venture, embark on a formative chapter of your life. The experiences you go through, the learning practice and study methods you develop, are traits that will strongly influence your future.

 Much of the way you approach this challenge will play a part in shaping you, your outlook, and the quality of the knowledge that you acquire through undertaking the “Trial by Fire”.

Perhaps in your readings and perambulations on the pathway of knowledge you have had some introduction to the field of Quantum Mechanics?

Are you familiar with the Shrödinger’s Cat postulate?

To paraphrase Wikipedia:

Schrödinger's cat is a thought experiment, sometimes described as a paradox, devised by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935, though the idea originated from Albert Einstein.

A cat imagined as being enclosed in a box with a radioactive source and a poison that will be released when the source (unpredictably) emits radiation, the cat being considered (according to quantum mechanics) to be simultaneously both dead and alive until the box is opened and the cat observed.

According to the postulate, the existence of the cat can be expressed as a waveform.

Simultaneously, the cat is both alive and dead…

Do you get what I’m referring to here?

“Dead or Alive”… simultaneously co-existing till engaged by one’s perception.

The state of the cat is thus only defined through the influence of observation.

Extrapolating from here:

The experiment is your “great adventure” into knowledge.

Your future well-being, balance as an individual and ultimately your success, happiness and sense of fulfilment in this course of action, these are the cat…

Everything hinges on that critical moment.

The outcome is thus defined in terms of the act of observation, and in this case the subjective experience of the observer.

So ultimately, everything depends on you!

Perhaps at this stage we are verging too far into the abstracts of metaphysics?

Certainly what I am trying to suggest to you is nothing original, authentic or fundamentally challenging to your understanding of the physical world in which you find yourself.

However, as the inimitable masters of wit and wacky outlook put it in their soundtrack theme for the film “The Life of Brian”…

Monty Python remind us with their quirky insight and suggestion to:

“Always look on the bright side of life”

Now this as I mentioned above may well seem rather obvious.

But backed by the solid and, dare I say, hard to refute school of Quantum Mechanics, we can make the case that if we are miserable, then we will influence our “Great Experiment” and the results will, in similar fashion, be miserable!

Your state of mind will of course directly influence your perceptions. Your morale is rooted in how you perceive the world around you… and that will define how you proceed with the work at hand.

Although home schooling in South Africa is not an entirely new phenomenon, in all likelihood it is relatively new to YOU. Some of the advantages of distance learning were discussed earlier, and probably a combination of those factors drew you to CambriLearn, and online studying in the first place,


Most likely what no one would have discussed or explained to you, there will be days when it’s not fun, exciting and “progressive” to be working from home.

It can be difficult to stay focused on the desired outcome, to keep productive and to maintain your motivation.

Strange to say, but this is where the benefits of being part of the regular “machinery” of a typical school can actually be of benefit.

The rhythm of the week, the regular layout of the working days, the pattern of activity and subjects… there can be a comfort in the workflow of an established cycle.

It is very important that you pay attention to establishing the right balance between “on” and “off” time so as to be able to focus your concentration most effectively.

Here too comes the importance of keeping everything in perspective.

On your own, the task ahead of you can easily seem daunting, overwhelming and quickly start to appear insurmountable.

In the absence of a “peer” group and classmates to commiserate with about the difficult sections and ridiculous workload there is a very real possibility that you start to lose perspective.

So don’t get bogged down in the difficult times.

Cultivate friends and build a network of connections that you can relate to so you don’t feel isolated in your study. Make contact with fellow students and try to develop a healthy balance between work (i.e. your studies) and your other interests.

Welcome the quirky and seek out the bizarre and unusual. These things that enliven our days will help you to stay positive. Keeping your focus on “the bright side” is the best way to progress through the work at hand and to find the enjoyment in that.

At the end of the day, the old adage:

“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey” really applies here.

You can make the most of your time while studying if you are in harmony with what it is you are trying to achieve and the type of person you are becoming.

Take the time to find the value in everything you do, and to appreciate how that “journey of a thousand miles” is undertaken one step at a time.

Be happy in your journey, and you will arrive happy at your destination J

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